Because Poise is for Bladder Leakage Protection

Have you been settling with period pads or liners when experiencing light bladder leaks? Did you know that this exposes you to inferior leakage protection, odor control, and sense of security - simply because period products are not designed for bladder leakage protection?

POISE® for Bladder Leakage Protection - more absorbent^ than Period Pads or Liners. Whether it’s light protection for your mildest leaks as you sneeze or heavier protection for after childbirth/overnight use, POISE® has you covered everyday with a range of Liners and Pads. POISE® products are specially designed to provide comfortable and discreet protection for light to moderate incontinence, so women of all ages can easily manage symptoms in their everyday life.

 Poise pad, 2x more absorbent than period pads

Reasons you should use POISE® products:

  • 2X more absorbent than period pads that regains you the confidence of being fresh.
  • Designed to help quickly draw in wetness to make you feel drier and control odor.
  • Extra Leakage Protection with wider back and side guards that have you covered at all time.