Depend® Protect Plus+ Absorbent Pants

Depend Pants M for incontinence and bladder leakage protection

Depend® Protect Plus+ Absorbent Pants

DEPEND® Products:

DEPEND®, the No. 1 brand* in USA, has been a globally established brand in providing bladder leakage protection and incontinence solutions. It has been specifically designed to be truly discreet and comfortable, yet highly absorbent.

*Based in Client calculation of Nielsen Scan Track Data for Adult Care US Market for 52 weeks period ending September 2019. Copyright @ 2019. The Nielsen Company.

    Depend® comes in both Absorbent Pants and Absorbent Tapes formats:

    • It’s super comfortable yet discreet and fit!
    • It’s designed to be fast and highly absorbent to make users feel drier and fresh.
    • It locks odor for users’ confidence and unrestricted lifestyle

    Visit DEPEND® website to learn more about maximum bladder leakage protection for active seniors and somone you love who may be mobility-inconvenient.

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