Where can I find information about bladder control and/or Poise® Products?

Poise® Products offer a variety of absorbent protection products for women with light to moderate urinary leakage.
Firstly, we need to understand what level of bladder leakage you usually experience before determining your Light Bladder Leakage (LBL) symptoms:

  • LIGHT: Just a few drops resulting in damp underwear.
  • MODERATE: Approximately half a cup resulting in damp underwear and outer clothing.
  • HEAVY: More than a cup resulting in wet underwear and outer clothing.
Use our Product Selector to find the right solution for you.
Also, our Advice & Support section describes the causes and types of light urinary leakage and hopefully will put your mind at ease by answering any questions you may have about loss of bladder control.
Remember, light urinary leakage is a common problem that can be improved and managed, so consult your doctor or health professional for advice.

Which Poise® Pad holds the most?

Our most absorbent pads are Poise® Extra Plus Pads which hold up to 380 ml of fluid.

How much fluid do Poise® Products hold? What pack counts do they come in?

Product Retention Capacity Absorbency Description Pack Count
Poise® Liners Regular 50 ml For Light Bladder Leakage Protection - sneezing, coughing, laughing 26
Poise® Extra Long Liners 70 ml For Light Bladder Leakage Protection - sneezing, coughing, laughing 22
Poise® Regular Pads 135 ml For Moderate Bladder Leakage Protection - bending, lifting, exercising 16
Poise® Super Pads 225 ml For Moderate Bladder Leakage Protection - bending, lifting, exercising 14
Poise® Extra Pads 285 ml For Moderate Bladder Leakage Protection - bending, lifting, exercising 12
Poise® Extra Plus Pads 380 ml For Heavy Bladder Leakage Protection – unexpected, everyday, night-time 10

How frequently should these products be changed?

The length of time that a product can be worn varies according to individual needs. Each person’s situation is unique due to contributing factors such as type of bladder control loss, bladder capacity, amount and frequency of loss.

Is there a Poise® Pad for men?

All Poise® Pads are designed for women. For men seeking incontinence products, visit Depend® website to learn more about maximum bladder leakage protection from Depend® incontinence products specifically designed for both men and women.

Can I use Feminine Pads/Liners instead of Poise® to control my LBL symptoms since both products absorbs liquid?

No, you should not use them interchangeably. Because Feminine products are designed to absorb vaginal discharge and menstruation blood but not urine. Period Pads are not efficient in locking urine liquid and odor. Whereas Poise® products are specially designed to absorb urine. In fact, Poise® Liners and Pads are more absorbent than Feminine Liners and Pads. With the unique Aborb-Loc® core technology, our Poise® range is designed to eliminate urine odor, thus giving you the utmost discretion you desire.

I experience heavy LBL at night when I sleep. Can I use two Poise® Pads to double the absorbency?

We have the right overnight product for you - you can try the new Poise® Extra Plus Pads, which is meant for Overnight use. It is 36.5cm long, meant to provide you the leakage protection you need when you sleep at night.

Where can I buy Poise® products?

Poise® Pads and Liners are available at all leading retailers island-wide.
Cold Storage
E-Commerce Stores:

What is the shelf life/expiry date of the Poise® Pads and Liners?

Our Poise® products are good to go for 3 years from the date of production (can be found on the product).