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Thousands of women with light urinary leakage depend on
Poise® liners and pads for discreet, comfortable
protection so they can get on with living active
and dynamic lives.

Questions on Poise® Products

Where can I find information about bladder control and/or Poise® Products?

Poise®Products offer a variety of absorbent protection products for women with light to moderate urinary leakage. Our product selection guide can help you find the right product for your needs.

Also, our bladder control facts section describes the causes and types of light urinary leakage and hopefully will put your mind at ease by answering any questions you may have about loss of bladder control.

Remember, light urinary leakage is a common problem that can be improved and managed, so consult your doctor or health professional for advice.

Which Poise® Pad holds the most?

Our most absorbent pads are Poise® Extra Pads which hold up to 300 ml of fluid. They have soft side shields to help stop and contain leaks, and contain super absorbent materials designed to lock in moisture, control odour, and keep you drier than any other pad.

Product Absorbency Description Pack Count
Poise® Regular Liners 25 ml lightest absorbency and smallest liner 16
Poise® Long Liners 50 ml very light absorbency 16
Poise® Slim Pads 100 ml light absorbency 16
Poise® Slim Long Pads 150 ml regular absorbency 16
Poise® Extra Pads 300 ml just over a cup 16

How much fluid do Poise® Products hold? What pack counts do they come in?

For women with very light to moderate light urinary leakage, we recommend Poise® liners, and pads, available in five different sizes and absorbencies:

How frequently should these products be changed?

The length of time that a product can be worn varies according to individual needs. Each person’s situation is unique due to contributing factors such as type of bladder control loss, bladder capacity, amount and frequency of loss.

Is there a Poise® Pad for men?

All Poise® Pads are designed for women. However, there are men who use Poise® Products for their light urinary leakage.

Can I buy Poise® Products directly from Kimberly-Clark?

Poise® Products are sold through a variety of retail outlets rather than directly to individuals. You’ll find them in most supermarkets and pharmacies. In addition, there are several online retailers that carry Poise® Products.

Which product would you like?

Which product is right for you?

Light Medium Heavy
Liners yes yes  
Pads   yes yes

Poise® liners and pads are small, discreet and provide comfortable protection for women with light to moderate urinary leakage. Although they look and feel like regular sanitary pads and liners,

Poise® products are specifically designed to be more absorbent with a top layer that draws wetness away from the skin and a super absorbent core that locks fluid away keeping you dry and fresh