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Dr Christopher Chong is a pioneer in prolapse, incontinence and pelvic floor reconstruction surgery in Singapore. There is tremendous advancement in Urogynaecology. In the treatment of incontinence, Dr Chong is the first few doctors in Asia to use the latest surgery using the Tension-free Vaginal Tape ( TVT) Sling procedure and also the new TVT- Obturator technique. We have performed more than 1000 such procedures. This minimally invasive surgery, needing about 10 minutes, can be done as a day procedure and with minimal pain. Success rates in 92 - 94 %.

Dr Christopher Chong is a pioneer in the use of the gynemesh in the treatment of severe utero-prolapse, which is a challenging problem as failure of surgery without the mesh is at least 30%. Dr Chong's series of cystocele mesh repair surgeries attained a short-term success of 94.5% and this won the 2nd prize for poster presentation in Cairo in September 2005 in the UK Royal College of O & G conference. Gaining popularity is that of vaginal cosmetic surgery. One main cause of lax vagina is multiple deliveries. Vaginoplasty (tightening of vagina with or without laser ) and labioplasty ( for enlarged labia ) are common surgeries by Dr Chong, " making the women better than new ".

Young Women Question and Answer

  • Q: Why can't i hold on and sometimes not make it? The last couple of weeks I have been running to the toilet and sometime when I think I can hold on i wet myself. Other days it will not happen. Asked by Kristy

    A: Dear Kristy, There are many causes of incontinence including when you are suffering from a light urinary tract infection or weakened pelvic floor muscles. If the cause of the incontinence is due to an infection, typically once this has been treated, the incontinence will be cured. You can also ensure you are strengthening your pelvic floor muscles by practising pelvic floor exercises. Find out more about exercises for your pelvic floor here:

  • Q: How do you do pelvic floor exercises? Asked by Janet

    A: Dear Janet, On the Poise website, we have lots of information about the pelvic floor muscle and how to do pelvic floor exercises including an interactive guide. For more information,visit:

  • Q: How long can poise pads stay on for? Asked by Sarah C

    A: Dear Sarah, The frequency someone should change their pads for bladder weakness is a very individual decision. Some women prefer to change as soon as they have a little bladder loss yet other women are comfortable to wait a little longer until their product feels wet or full.

    Poise has a range of products that all have their absorbencies indicated on the packaging with each droplet indicating approximately 50ml of capacity. This can give you an idea of what each product can hold and when you might like to change. If you have sensitive skin, you may also like to consider change your product more frequently.