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That drinking less fluid can actually make Light Urinary Leakage worse.

Read other myths surrounding incontinence and be informed.

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Light Urinary Leakage (Incontinence) affects 1 in 4
adult women in Singapore; making bladder control
issues a common problem in this country. 1

Urinary leakage

Although a common problem, it is important to understand that there are different types of incontinence. Identifying the type of incontinence you have will help in learning how to best manage and control your particular condition.

It is also important for women to understand the myths and facts surrounding incontinence. Sometimes you think you are helping the situation, but you can in fact be making it worse.

It’s not just women that are affected, both men and children of all ages can experience a variety of bladder problems. Be sure to explore our links to partner brands and information that can help your loved ones get on with living and loving life.

1CGHUrology and CTERU, Feb 2006

Types of Incontinence

Learn about the more common types of incontinence so you can effectively manage your bladder loss and take the appropriate course of action to regain bladder control.

Incontinence types


Read some common myths surrounding incontinence and ensure you know the facts about your type of Light Urinary Leakage.

Common myths


Becoming dry as a child is one of life’s biggest learning steps. But when things are taking a little longer than expected, or bedwetting has returned, there are products and information to help lend a supportive hand.

Incontinence children