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Diet can affect bladder control. From citrus juices, to chilli all kinds of foods can irritate your bladder.

Keeping a bladder diary can help you work out what is affecting you, so you can learn to manage your bladder loss.

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Poise® Liners are specifically designed to help women
control and manage light bladder problems.
They are ideal for when you’re playing sport,
during exercise/fitness classes or just
in case you sneeze.

Poise® Regular Liner

Poise Pack of Regular Liner

Light Liner


16-count pack

  • Absorbent Core quickly draws and locks in fluid to help you feel drier and prevent odour
  • Thin for discreet protection
  • Individually wrapped for convenience and hygiene
  • Available in Scented and Unscented variants

Ideal for lightest bladder loss. Great for everyday use and also when you have a cold or your allergies are playing up.

Poise® Long Liner

Poise Pack of Panty Liners
Panty Liner


16-count pack

  • Thin for discreet protection, especially under exercise clothing
  • Odour reducing super absorbent particles
  • Three times more absorbent than most sanitary liners, but just as discreet
  • Individually wrapped for convenience and hygiene

For protection and confidence with light bladder loss. As well as everyday use, they are excellent for women who like to work out at the gym or are running around after kids.

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Poise® liners and pads are small, discreet and provide comfortable protection for women with light to moderate urinary leakage. Although they look and feel like regular sanitary pads and liners,

Poise® products are specifically designed to be more absorbent with a top layer that draws wetness away from the skin and a super absorbent core that locks fluid away keeping you dry and fresh