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Some tips for those with bladder infections and UTIs

I am a 28 year old woman who has suffered on and off with bladder infections.

Although I know better, I do know that I often bring them upon myself having too many drinks on nights out and wearing sexy underwear that doesn’t breath well. I end up getting these UTIs that feel like I’m peeing razor blades! And if I try to hold on, the urge is sometimes too much and I have had little accidents from time to time.

So I wanted to share some tips and ideas with other girls out there who might end up with really bad infections like me.

Although the last thing I want to do is pee, I find that drinking lots and lots of water, especially if I can sense a bladder infection coming on, is really good! I guess it can flush all the bugs out of your system. I usually try to drink about 8 glasses a day, and I also like to add some lemon juice to one. I read somewhere that diluted lemon juice can help. And drinking lots of water regularly is supposed to be good anyway.

Lots of people say to drink cranberry juice, but I reckon you’ll better off taking the cranberry capsules that you can buy from the chemist or even in the supermarket vitamin section. The capsules are heaps potent and there’s none of the extra sugar either.

In the summer months, try and wear cotton underwear, especially briefs. I know I’m naughty and like my g-strings, and matching sets, but I do know that wearing underwear that breathes is much better for me.
So in summer I do try to make more of an effort cause it’s already hot and humid. LOL!

So I might not follow them all the time, but when I have a UTI and it really hurts I try to make more of an effort down there.

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