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As the female waterworks are internal they are much more influenced by the changes within the female body.

So light urinary leakage can affect women at any age and stage of their lives.

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Running and stress incontinence

I’m a runner and always go to the loo just before I start a race, or go for a training run. Most of the time I don’t have any problems, and can do a good long 10km run with no issues.

But sometimes, I used to find my I lose a bit of light urine without even realising! My shorts get wet and I worry that I smell.

I spoke to my GP and she said that this kind of leakage is part of stress incontinence, and with the running and drinking water, the sheer act of running can cause a bit of leakage. My doctor put me onto POISE liners and they’ve been really good, no embarrassing wet shorts. But I’ve also found recently that doing some pelvic floor exercises has actually been helping. I’m trying to keep up with them in the car while stuck in traffic.

However, if I do leak a bit of urine while running a race and the liner is too full and has leaked, another little trick I’ve found is to pour water over the top of myself at the drinks station so I’m wet no matter what!

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