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As the female waterworks are internal they are much more influenced by the changes within the female body.

So light urinary leakage can affect women at any age and stage of their lives.

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Read stories from young women with bladder problems
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Bladder problem at 22

I am a young active woman and could not understand how come I could be “leaking” at my age.

I spoke to my mum who suggested the GP, who said I had incontinence, I thought that was something only old people get.

INCONTINENCE, WTF I’m 22! Anyway it turns out I had stress incontinence, I didn’t feel that stressed. The GP put me onto exercises and gave me some literature and some sites to read.

Turns out my mum has also had incontinence and related bladder problems, took her awhile to admit it and I think that’s why maybe I have it.

Anyway my point is enjoy life while you can, appreciate your health and family, it can change in an instant. I am fine now but I must say I have a new appreciation and patience for others.

Anyone out there, young, with light urinary incontinence, (I think that’s the official term), don’t worry it can be cured, appreciate those around you.

A lesson from the learned – Sarah

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