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Would a caesarean delivery be a solution to avoid lost of bladder control?

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First Time Mummy

Being pregnant for the first time is a wonderful experience. It can be kind of scary too because I don’t know what to expect. What surprised me the most is my first real incontinence experience. I was in my second trimester and was watching TV with my hubby when I sneezed and a gush of water came out without warning. I had to embarrassingly change my panties. It’s so unexpected especially because I’m only in my late 20s.

Luckily I know about a product call Poise (usually buy for my mum) that helps me manage the incontinence and makes my pregnancy a little bit more comfortable and manageable. (don’t have to bring spare panties and worry about leakage). I use the liners everyday in my second trimester, but nowadays I sometimes wear the slim product as I find my incontinence getting worse as my belly gets bigger.

Posted by Hana

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