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I am a 28 year old woman who has suffered on and off with bladder infections.

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Ideas for menopausal bladder

My bladder problems started a couple of years ago when I hit 50 and menopause, all in the same year. At first I doubted whether I was really leaking a bit, but as menopause got worse, so did my light urinary leakage.

So I talked to my GP about what I do to stop the leaking happening. He was really understanding and while he said that it an effect of menopause and the reduction of hormones, there was still some other things I could do to try and prevent the leaking as much as possible. Basically, he said that sometimes doing lots of little things can help, rather than trying to find one overall solution.

So I’ve cut out caffeine, which was really hard but that definitely made a difference. I also decided to lose some weight, so started doing some fast walks around the neighbourhood. To begin with the walking itself just helped with the menopause symptoms in general, but when I lost a few kilos I noticed again a bit of an improvement in my light urinary leakage.

But cutting out the caffeine I’m also having to be careful about over the counter medicines as some cold and flu tablets also contain caffeine.

While I still have a little bit of light urinary leakage, taking the overview approach as suggested by my doctor has been quite good and I thought that other ladies going through the change might be interested.

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