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Dr Christopher Chong is a pioneer in prolapse, incontinence and pelvic floor reconstruction surgery in Singapore. There is tremendous advancement in Urogynaecology. In the treatment of incontinence, Dr Chong is the first few doctors in Asia to use the latest surgery using the Tension-free Vaginal Tape ( TVT) Sling procedure and also the new TVT- Obturator technique. We have performed more than 1000 such procedures. This minimally invasive surgery, needing about 10 minutes, can be done as a day procedure and with minimal pain. Success rates in 92 - 94 %.

Dr Christopher Chong is a pioneer in the use of the gynemesh in the treatment of severe utero-prolapse, which is a challenging problem as failure of surgery without the mesh is at least 30%. Dr Chong's series of cystocele mesh repair surgeries attained a short-term success of 94.5% and this won the 2nd prize for poster presentation in Cairo in September 2005 in the UK Royal College of O & G conference. Gaining popularity is that of vaginal cosmetic surgery. One main cause of lax vagina is multiple deliveries. Vaginoplasty (tightening of vagina with or without laser ) and labioplasty ( for enlarged labia ) are common surgeries by Dr Chong, " making the women better than new ".

Natural Changes Question and Answer

  • Q: I suffered a kidney infection and now I seem to have to go all the time even having accidents. What can i do as it has me housebound? Asked by Lynette

    A: Dear Lynette, I would recommend that you speak to your doctor to ensure the infection is treated and completely cleared up. On many occasions once the infection has been treated, any bladder weakness experienced should be cured. If your accidents tend to be happening more when you cough or sneeze, it may indicate that you need to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles. Visit for tips.

    In the meantime, by using products like Poise, you can have the confidence to get out and about knowing that you are protected from any accidents. Poise products are specifically designed the faster flow of light urinary leakage and are two to three times more absorbent than sanitary product equivalents. Also ensure you drink plenty of water even if that may seem counter-intuitive to your needing to go to the toilet frequently. Drinking less water will not actually help with any light urinary leakage condition.

  • Q: Does drinking less water help with incontinence? Asked by Robyn

    A: Hi Robyn, Many people withhold their fluid intake hoping that it will help with their incontinence. In fact, this can often have the opposite effect. The bladder is a muscle and when there is less urine to store, it is unable to tone itself up and therefore, is unable to hold much urine capacity. Therefore, it is important to consumer around 6 to 8 glasses of water a day to maintain bladder capacity and prevent dehydration.

    There are some types of fluids that you should avoid as these are bladder irritants. This includes drinks containing caffeine like tea or coffee, soft drinks (especially Coke) and chocolate drinks. Alcohol is also a diuretic and should be avoided. Citrus juices should be minimised to one glass in the morning as juices can irritate the bladder.

  • Q: Can any pad or panty be used when swimming? Asked by Christel

    A: Dear Christel, Unfortunately none of the pads or liners available in the marketplace are suitable for use during swimming.

  • Q: Has anyone reported having severe itching problems related to liners?

    I use the lightest liners for slight leakage and wear the same pad all day. Towards evening, I often have intense itching and redness in the labia area. Could it be the pads, the urine, or the deodorant in the pads? Asked by Marilynn H

    A: Dear Marilynn, As you are wearing the same pad all day and your itching develops towards the evening, it sounds like it may be worthwhile trying to change your liner at least once throughout the day to see if this improves your condition. It is difficult to determine what may be the cause of your particular condition as each individual is very different.