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Dating again

Ever since I had my children I’ve had a bit of stress incontinence when I pick them up, sneeze, cough etc. Sometimes when there’s lots going on and I’m nervous or stuff, I find that it’s worse.

As the kids are now both at school, my friends and family are trying to encourage me back into the dating scene. (My ex-partner and I broke up a few years ago) But I’m a bit nervous about getting out there with my light urinary leakage getting worse with I’m in a stressful situation. Never mind getting intimate again!

I’m hoping to read some stories from single mums like me, and how they are managing. At the moment I’m thinking about getting a little purse with extra pads in it and some freshening wipes. I thought I might make the purse a cute, sequin kind so I feel a bit positive about popping to the restroom on a date.

Hope to read some ideas from other ladies out there!

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