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Light urinary leakage me? Never!

I am writing this story to get my head around having bladder loss, I felt this might be a release.

I am a professional and always thought of myself as fit and healthy. Other than when I had children I never even thought about my bladder, it just worked.

I have been under a lot of stress with the economy, and I fear child birth didn’t help either, but recently I started leaking, literally. Initially I was horrified and managed to hide this, but only just at work. I had to start wearing darker clothes so things couldn’t be seen. I lived in denial for around 2 months, believing it would be gone the next day. I actually thought incontinence was something my elderly mother spoke about.

Anyway, after some initial web research, which is great because its anonymous, I even cleared by browser history afterward I started to understand the different types, causes and reasons for my bladder problems. I sought professional help and started using liners. I also didn’t realise that period liners are different to incontinence liners, only took me about a month to work this out.

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