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Diet can affect bladder control. From citrus juices, to chilli all kinds of foods can irritate your bladder.

Keeping a bladder diary can help you work out what is affecting you, so you can learn to manage your bladder loss.

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Thousands of women with light urinary leakage depend on
Poise® liners, and pads for discreet, comfortable
protection so they can get on with living active
and dynamic lives

Why Poise® Products?

When it comes to using bladder loss control products for the first time, you may be asking yourself why use Poise® Products instead of period only/sanitary products?
Well, bladder control products and sanitary products are each designed for different and specific uses.

Although they look and feel like regular sanitary pads and liners, Poise® liners, and pads are specially tailored and designed to provide comfortable and discreet protection for women suffering from light to moderate incontinence.

Reasons you should use a Poise® liner or pad over a sanitary product:

  • Odour Reducing Super Absorbent Particles give you the confidence of being fresh
  • Dry-Touch technology quickly draws wetness in to make you feel drier and prevent odour
  • Absorbent core locks in three times more fluid than the corresponding sanitary product for self-assurance
  • Soft, Dry-Touch Cover to help you stay fresh and comfortable
  • Soft side shields stop and contain leaks

Also, although bladder control products seem more expensive than sanitary products, when being used for bladder loss problems, they work much better so you don’t need to use as many Poise® Products, and therefore, save money in the long run.

Take a closer look at our complete range of Poise® Products – liners, and pads and the features and benefits of each. Or, you can use our Product Selector Tool to find the right Poise® Product for your needs and request a free sample.

Managing Bladder Loss isn’t hard with the discreet protection Poise® Products offer.

Look out for the Poise® Products range next to the Sanitary section in supermarkets and pharmacies.

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Poise® liners and pads are small, discreet and provide comfortable protection for women with light to moderate urinary leakage. Although they look and feel like regular sanitary pads and liners,

Poise® products are specifically designed to be more absorbent with a top layer that draws wetness away from the skin and a super absorbent core that locks fluid away keeping you dry and fresh